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4 Reasons Why Smarketing is Smart

Posted by Taylor Edwards on Jun 21, 2017


Marketing and sales don't always get along so well together. 51% of marketers aren't happy with the communication between the two teams, and 53% of sales are not pleased with marketing's support. Traditonally, these departments have been seperated. However, the transformation of the modern consumer is prompting that to change. There are more and more reasons for the two teams to work together, as the competiton for clients strengthens. After all, both teams have the same goal - to impact the bottom line. 

Check out our infographic on What An Effective Sales Cycle Looks Like.

4 Reasons Your Team Should Consider Smarketing

1. Better content

Sales are on the front lines, and are more aware of the kinds of questions that potential clients are asking. They can help marketing come up with and conceptualize new ideas to develop into content across platforms, ensuring that the information is relevant and personalized.

2. Better leads

In order to gain better leads, and send better leads on to sales, marketing needs to grasp an understanding of what's working and what's not. Sales can ensure that the lead scoring method is the same across the board, and that only hot leads are being passed on. This is important, because 70% of the buying process is over by the time a potential client begins engaging with sales. 

3. A more consistent tone and value

Both teams, if they collaborate, can help build brand and reputation. Or, if not, they can ruin it, if the same voice isn't kept the same across all platforms (eg. email from sales vs. email from marketing etc.).

4. Improved targeting 

Sales has a better grasp of pain points and potential client needs, and can give marketing insight into the company's target audience. 

Here are some stats that make smarketing even more smart.

Aligning sales and marketing can:

• Boost revenue by 208%

• Have 36% higher customer retention rates

• And be 67% better at closing sales deals

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