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Boost Your Sales: How to Choose a Live Transfer Provider

Posted by Taylor Edwards on Nov 23, 2017


A live transfer service provider can be a beneficial extension to your sales team, giving it the boost it needs to close more sales. But how do you find the provider that is the right fit for your company?

Here is what you should look for when searching for a live transfer service provider for your company:

Not sure what live transfer is or how it works? Find out more here.


Your live transfer provider will be your company's ambassador, the first point of contact for your potential customers. So you need to look for a provider that has happy, well trained staff. They should be consistent when assisting customers, and be able to understand and anticipate objections. 


You want a contact center that is able to provide a seamless transfer between their agents and your sales team, making the live transfer process as easy as possible for customers. Having the right kinds of technology will ensure that whole process, from receiving leads, to calling, transferring calls, and reporting, all goes smoothly.


Follow-ups have a massive impact on your company's sales and ROI. Stats show that 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact with a potential customer. However, 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect, so a large number of sales are lost because they were never followed up. (National Sales Executive Association) Having a provider that can complete multiple follow up for your sales team, saves time and increases the chances of actually making a sale. 


The higher level of quality that your live transfer provider can offer, the happier the interactions your potential customers will have. Are staff happy? Do they practice a high level of phone etiquette?


Look for a contact center that can offer flexible pricing models. Many will offer options based either on how many seats you occupy, or how many successful transfers are made. With different pricing models, it will be easier to find an option that fits your budget. ______________________________________________________

Anomaly Squared is a lead qualfication and live transfer provider that can handle any size call volume. 

Call Center Outsourcing Flowchart to help you make a decision


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