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Contact Center Technology Glossary

Posted by Taylor Edwards on May 08, 2018


We put together a Contact Center Technology Glossary to get you started on some of the terms and software you might see in a modern contact center's technology arsenal. So whether you run your own call center or utilize contact center outsourcing, these call center terms should keep everything straight between all of the acronyms.

Contact centers are pretty good with keeping up with new technology.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) - Lets computer and telephone systems to talk to one another. Incoming or outgoing calls are displayed on the screen with the phone number and caller information. Allows for greater efficiency.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) - A system that filters calls and routes them to the agent who is best suited to handle the callers needs. 

Intelligent Callback - Give callers the option to be called back when an agent becomes available, reducing the frustration of having to wait on hold. 

Call Recording Systems - Records all calls to capture all customer-agent interactions. It is a useful tool for coaching, and making sure that agents uphold internal protocol, and customer service standards.

Campaign Management Systems (CMS) - Software that gives the agents a contact list or other information they might need to make outbound calls. 

Workforce Management Software (WMS) - This software helps to forecast the expected call volume, making it easier for a contact center to hire (if needed) more staff to meet those needs.

Speech Analytics - Customer interactions are screened. It is able to identify consumer needs, and can detect cost savings, help produce ideas for new products, and can assist in finding selling opportunities.

Customer Relationship Data (CRM) - CRM is software that gathers historic data about how a customer has interacted with a company, and keeps it in one place so it is easily accessible. It is applicable across all channels of communication (email, phone, SMS, chat). 

Predictive Analysis - A software system that sends out calls or messages from a list of contacts that is able to detect busy signals, voicemail, disconnected phone numbers or knows when there is no answer. Increases efficiency in a contact center. 

The Cloud - A network of servers that is hosted through the internet, allowing data to be stored and managed remotely. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - An automated system that talks to the caller using pre-recorded voice menus. The caller on the line can respond through numbers on the keypad or speaking words or short phrases, so customers don't feel like they are put on hold.

Natural Language Speech Recognition (NSLR) - Often used in conjunction with IVR systems. It can recognize certain words or phrases and can and interpret and assign meaning to them. It can also recognize currency amount and natural numbers.

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