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How to Hire the Top Talent

Posted by Jerry Wass on May 10, 2017


Hiring top talent in a call center has to be more than just an action plan to be executed. It must be a philosophy that is embedded into a business’s DNA. It has to be shared by the entire company from the CEO down to the new hire that started a month ago. Cast a wide net to combine the most diversity of experience. That is always the best approach to assembling a team. Never forget that your hiring goals must be tempered by never compromising the level of expectations just for the sake of building a team. It should always be a companies #1 best practice. Remember: Always focus on quality hires even when you need quantity.

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In addition to hiring top talent, it is important to keep them or you are just going to be spinning your wheels. So outperforming your competition with a workplace that embodies a winning attitude and conditions that are favorable to the applicant are a must. Never compromise in this area. This starts with shooting straight with the prospective candidates about expectations and painting a real picture of what is to come. Discuss the vision of the company and tell the story of where you’ve come from. Exhibit a sense of pride in your organization and you will successfully target candidates that will want and appreciate the opportunity to work for your organization.

When you lose an employee it is a failure for the entire organization. It represents a waste of time, energy and of talent. In addition to that, it is often said that when employees leave an organization, they don’t leave companies, they leave managers. So the best remedy to that is generating energy and enthusiasm that is infectious at all levels with everyone who works there. To use a football aphorism…”Everyone plays and no one quits.” So when you cast that wide net, your philosophy is represented in the environment you created and in return the environment you created embraces your philosophy. Do these things well and you will always draw and retain top talent.

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