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Quick Tips to A Successful Partnership Marketing Strategy

Posted by Taylor Edwards on Mar 01, 2018


What is Co-Marketing?

Co-marketing is a partnership between two similar but different companies who decide to collaborate on a promotional effort (usually a piece of content or product). 

Why Co-Market?

A partnership marketing strategy helps two companies to:

Gain more leads

• Expand awareness

• Build a new audience

• Expose new content to their audience

• Gain credibility

• Have a greater market reach

....and all this from doing less work & saving time. 

Finding the Right Partner

Finding the right partner is key to co-marketing, here are some things to consider to ensure that the partnership is a match:

• Does your potential partner complement, but not compete with your company?

• Do they have similar but not identical customers?

• Does the potential partner have a good reputation, and would it help enhance yours to work with them?

• Do they have similar marketing style and similar goals?

• Do all partners agree to the terms? (budget, timetable, content, etc.)

Some good co-marketing partners might be: a yoga studio and health foods store, a real estate agent and mortgage broker, an insurance agent and a car dealership. 

Examples of Co-Marketing 

Not sure what kind of co-marketing projects you can work on? Here are some examples to get started with:


• Blog posts

• Infographics


• Videos 

• Etc. 


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