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Reasons Why You Should Consider Sales Outsourcing

Posted by Tony Furr on Aug 18, 2022


A call center sales team can construct the bridges that fill the empty space between customers and the products and services that they want and/or need. They play a key role in developing customer loyalty, as well as in generating revenue. However, it takes time, infrastructure, and resources to develop a successful sales team capable of boosting client reach and driving business. For those that may not want to deal with the hassle of creating or maintaining an internal sales team, it is possible to outsource sales, and there are many benefits that come with it.

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1. Lower cost

The overhead costs of keeping an internal sales team can be quite steep. You have to pay the salary, benefits, social security taxes, insurance, 401k, and train and hire. When you outsource, all of these overhead costs are covered by the outsourcing provider. All you have to worry about are the agreed upon fees. These fees may be per hour, per agent, or per sale - the pricing options and scale of each provider vary widely. 

2. Flexibility and stability

Outsourcing providers have the ability and flexibility to scale up or down for your company on an as-needed basis. Ready to grow your sales? No problem. They already have the resources in place to add more agents on your behalf.  

Outsourcing your sales team also allows for much greater stability. It takes away the variables such as sick leave or turnover that might cause a loss of production.

3. Established talent and skills

Utilizing strategies that work for each unique scenario, these trained sales professionals are always going to be on the cutting edge. They are already trained and have worked within many different types of industries that require unique strategies. This experience and skill then translate into better, faster results, and more sales. 

4. Transparency 

Although to some extent, you lose some control over the sales process through outsourcing, a good company will maintain clear and ongoing communication. You will have access to all the data - how many hours each agent worked, how many sales they made, what kind of scripts they are using etc. 


Overall, the benefits of outsourcing your sales team outweigh the risks. However, it is still important to mention that there are a few downsides as well. Besides some loss of control over the sales process, you have to also worry about confidentiality, and lack of industry experience.

However, if you are sure to hire a company that has proven expertise in your field, has in place security protocol and data backup, and is transparent in how they manage their team and communicate with you - there is really nothing to worry about. So long as the due diligence is done in developing the right partnership, you will find the benefits of outsourcing your sales team overshadow any minor concerns.

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