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We are more than just a call center...

We exist to help businesses thrive.

We are an innovative leader in the Customer Contact Center Services Industry. More than just a Call Center, our business focuses on lead qualification, sales lead management, and pre-screening services. We are headquartered in Greensboro, NC and currently employ several hundred representatives working both on-site and remotely, partnering with our clients in strategically growing their business by outsourcing call center services.

Meet Anomaly
Headphones are our contact center's weapon of choice. Let us fight for your sales team.

Our weapon of choice

Here's how we wield it

Inbound Calling

Receiving, qualifying, and distributing inbound calls through Anomaly Squared will solidify a seamless and responsive process that your customers and sales staff need. When someone calls your organization, whether it is from a traditional media campaign or a digital media campaign, you want a professional available to answer the call. Anomaly Squared is your solution to have the freedom to scale marketing and convert more sales in a cost effective manner.

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Outbound Calling

Consumers have scoured the web and have come to find your company. They have even gone so far as to provide you with their contact information. It's now your job to contact that prospect as soon as possible and help fulfill their needs. Anomaly Squared can help guarantee that you are not only the first to contact those leads, but that you don't miss an opportunity by not doing follow up calls.

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Patient Recruitment

When conducting a clinical trial or survey, the most time-consuming task is finding and qualifying subjects that will be most valuable to your cause or study. We're equipped to compile the best group so that you can focus more on what you need to do – research.

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How we help

They love us, they really love us. Not just because we’re awesome either. They love us because we make their business our business. Everything is as much on the line for us as it is for them. Your team of representatives will be totally immersed in your business, truly making them an extension of your sales team and we’re positive that you will love us too.


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