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How to Generate Leads for Mortgage Brokers

Posted by Clarissa Gotsch on Mar 20, 2018

Why is lead generation important for mortgage brokers?

Lead generation is the sun, soil, and water for your mortgage business. It is essential for nourishing your business so it can keep up with or stay ahead of its competitors, and so it can grow. Old models that once worked for marketing and sales in the mortgage industry, don't any longer, as the market is an ever changing and evolving beast. Cold calling or pushy selling won't get you anywhere in the modern playing field. Lead generation, however, is golden. It's a win-win situation for both buyer and seller. The buyer is already interested, and has been looking at your service when they reach out to you, and you have an opportunity to pitch and pull in the fishing line on the buyers attention before another company does. 


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4 Tips to Better Lead Generation for Mortgage Professionals

Posted by Clarissa Gotsch on Mar 01, 2017

For the mortgage industry, Lead Generation is an important first step in the sales process. It creates awareness about your name, company, or brand, and pulls potential customers into the beginning stages of the sales funnel.


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