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Squared Thinking

Jerry Wass

Experienced leader and founder of multiple successful organizations that he approached with an entrepreneur mentality to make sure they were built from the ground up correctly to ensure optimal efficiency and growth. With 10+ years of demonstrated experience in creating the framework for several multi-industry establishments, Jerry is always moving towards the next challenge, never limited to one specific commercial trade.

Recent Posts

5 Easy Steps To Mortgage Lead Generation

Posted by Jerry Wass on Oct 04, 2019

Lead generation typically entails a lot of trial and error, but with these 5 easy steps you can be generating leads for you and your business like a pro! The infographic below gives you 5 easy steps to get and keep mortgage leads! 


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Why CRO's Should Outsource Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

Posted by Jerry Wass on Jan 02, 2019

For drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies, patient recruitment is the "elephant in the room". It is the primary cause of missing deadlines and early termination for a clinical trial if the trial fails to meet recruitment goals. Dealing with delays can be expensive, on top of already expensive clinical trial costs. As of 2015, just to develop and gain approval of one new prescription drug would cost a pharmaceutical company upwards of $2 billion dollars. 

Here are 3 steps to developing a successful patient recruitment strategy. 


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Sales Lead Management: Call First, Email Later

Posted by Jerry Wass on Nov 13, 2018


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The Hidden Partner of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Posted by Jerry Wass on Oct 04, 2018

A successful content marketing strategy, has a hidden partner. Can you guess what it is? Let me give you a hint. What do you do when you have a problem shipping something? Or when you need to update your credit card information? You pick up your phone, right? At the end of the line is an agent at a contact center. Contact centers and content marketing are surprisingly but inextricably linked. Their connection is vital for developing successful content, leads, sales and customer relationships. 


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How to Hire the Top Talent

Posted by Jerry Wass on May 10, 2017

Hiring top talent in a call center has to be more than just an action plan to be executed. It must be a philosophy that is embedded into a business’s DNA. It has to be shared by the entire company from the CEO down to the new hire that started a month ago. Cast a wide net to combine the most diversity of experience. That is always the best approach to assembling a team. Never forget that your hiring goals must be tempered by never compromising the level of expectations just for the sake of building a team. It should always be a companies #1 best practice. Remember: Always focus on quality hires even when you need quantity.

Want to know why keeping employees is so critical? Find out here:  Contact Center Success Means Having Happy Contact Center Employees 


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What are Live Transfers and How Do They Work?

Posted by Jerry Wass on Mar 08, 2017


In call center terms, a live transfer is what it sounds like. It's the process of transferring a customer from a call center agent to another specialized agent. 


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Everyone Outsources: The Question is, How Much?

Posted by Jerry Wass on Feb 10, 2017

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking at the 2nd annual Contact.io in San Francisco, joining hundreds of fellow like-minded folks who believe that the best way to reach a lead is by picking up the phone and calling them. Utilizing call marketing is essential in our world as a call center, and we maintain that call center outsourcing, even if you already have an in-house set up, is beneficial and more cost effective than in-sourcing only.

Below is video from my brief presentation outlining that those who think having your own call center is less expensive than outsourcing are not considering all of the variables that go into running one, like management, overhead, and recruiting/turnover, among many other things. Plus, there are benefits to working with an experienced call center and I go into those in detail as well.


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Contact Center Success means having Happy Contact Center Employees

Posted by Jerry Wass on Dec 28, 2016

There are a plethora of articles that can be found on the internet written about building successful contact centers. The question that needs more exploration is the one asked after the contact center is built. “How do you maintain that success and improve upon it?”  When you put your mind to it, it can prove to be a very challenging question. There are various answers and opinions will vary, but here is one possible answer worth considering.


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