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The Deal’s Not Over: After Close Care

Posted by Rob Bayer on Oct 25, 2022

As previously featured in Progress in Lending's Tomorrow's Mortgage Executive


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7 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement on a Call

Posted by Taylor Edwards on Apr 28, 2022

Customers are like family. You can't live with them, and you can't live without them. No matter how annoying or demanding they can be at times, you still need to do your best to keep them around. They are the reason why your business exists and continues to do so, which means you depend on them. '

This is why customer engagement and a focus on how you can improve customer service is so vital to the success and longevity of a company. Did you know that engaged customers can provide a 23% increase in profit, compared to just average customers? But the problem is, how do you keep your customers engaged? It can be tricky, especially when talking on the phone with them. Their attention was on something else before they got on the call with you, and you want to be able to gain and keep their attention. Here are 7 ways to improve customer engagement on a call:


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The Human Element vs. The Automated Message [E-Book]

Posted by Taylor Edwards on Dec 05, 2016

Download our free e-book about the Human Element vs. the Automated Message.

Your customers are human, right? You're human too, right? So it makes perfect sense that, even with so much advanced technology we can harness, we should still use, and keep the human element a main staple in our customer service and customer experience parts of our business. Download our free e-book that discusses exactly why we should keep the balance between the human element and the automated message.


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