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Why the Automotive Industry Needs Contact Center Services

Posted by Taylor Edwards on Oct 11, 2017


Forever caught in a race to the top, the automotive industry is notoriously fast-paced and competitive. In order to set yourself apart and drive growth, effective communication and good customer service are key. Contact center services are in the forefront of communications technology and capabilities, and can help deliver the kind of personal service that will build a lasting brand loyalty. There are several benefits to having a contact center handle your calls.

Considering outsourcing your calls? Here are 4 REASONS YOU NEED TO CONSIDER CALL CENTER OUTSOURCING. 

1. Flexiblity 

Sales reps and receptionists at dealerships aren't always able to reach the phones. However, in using a contact center to handle  calls, or even just your overflow, there would never be any missed calls again. Unlike a dealership, which has a limited number of calls they can handle at one time, contact centers can quickly and easily adapt to fast spike in call volume. In addition,  24/7 availability would significantly and effortlessly improve the quality of customer service.

2. Reporting

A well equipt contact center has the ability keep advanced reporting on all the calls that come through. They can easily keep track of your progress on all marketing campaigns, and see how well sales and service calls are doing. Marketing and sales campaigns can then be adjusted accordingly, to push only the most successful campaigns forward. 

3. Streamlined Communication

For dealerships that have more than one location, the communication among them can be unified using a contact center. Calls at different dealerships may be handled differently from location to location, depending on the sales reps. Sending sales or marketing calls through a contact center, can ensure that all calls are handled in a more harmonized way.  

4. Keep Overhead Low 

Contact centers often offer flexible pricing to be able to meet your individual needs. Whether you would rather be charged per successful transfer, per lead, or per call, they will help you keep your overhead as low as possible. 

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