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7 Step Lead Qualification Process [Infographic]

Posted by Taylor Edwards on Dec 20, 2016


You've started your lead generation program and have started catching all kinds of leads. That's wonderful! Now what?

The most important part: Lead Qualification.

It's been studied and discovered by the Harvard Business Review that as much as 23% of companies don't follow up on leads at all, and most of the ones that do, don't respond quick enough. This means that leads are wasted and you're losing business, and all of your lead generation efforts were pointless.

Anomaly's Live Transfer Service can improve your Lead Qualification

It is important to clearly define the difference between a lead and an inquiry based on what your company needs before you send leads to sales.

Inquiry: A person who has shown interest in your product and/or service  Lead: An inquiry that has been contacted, either by email or phone, profiled, and qualified according to agreeded upon standards for your target customer.

Once you have those clearly defined, you can begin the important task of developing a workflow to send your inquiries through the funnel to further qualify them, sending over only the ones who meet your criteria to sales.

Use the infographic below to help you build that process in 7 Steps:
Learn how to further qualify the leads that you've started generating.

Who conducts the first level qualification is an extremely important decision. While this particular level is obviously important, it is equally important to note that the real act of selling should probably not take place at this stage, so your sales team should not be involved yet. We believe that less costly [not less talented] personnel, and even an outsourced third-party, should qualify the inquiry and once qualified the lead then goes to the sales team.


We can happily take complete charge of step 3 in the 7 step process above, streamlining your lead qualification process using our Live Transfer service where we become a valuable extension of your sales team. We quickly contact and qualify the sales leads for you, then send them to your sales staff where they close the deal. This saves time and effort, all while increasing revenue for your company.  Interested in learning how we can help you?


 Find out how Anomaly Squared can help your company grow with Call Center Outsourcing Solutions

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