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4 Easy Steps to Live Transfer Mortgage Leads [Infographic]

Posted by Taylor Edwards on Aug 29, 2017

The live transfer process is a huge time saver for companies following up on mortgage leads. It leaves the tedious work of sifting through potential customers to the contact center, so only those customers who are ready to buy are handed off to the sales team. 

See the infographic below to find out how effective it is to live transfer mortgage leads and how the process works. 


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Top 7 Contact Center Trends for 2017

Posted by Taylor Edwards on Jul 26, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, contact centers are currently flourishing. In fact, 96% of contact centers expect to see growth over the next few years. They have been so successful for two main reasons: they are keeping up with complex and ever changing customer experience demands, and they are always replacing outdated technology. 


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How to Hire the Top Talent

Posted by Jerry Wass on May 10, 2017

Hiring top talent in a call center has to be more than just an action plan to be executed. It must be a philosophy that is embedded into a business’s DNA. It has to be shared by the entire company from the CEO down to the new hire that started a month ago. Cast a wide net to combine the most diversity of experience. That is always the best approach to assembling a team. Never forget that your hiring goals must be tempered by never compromising the level of expectations just for the sake of building a team. It should always be a companies #1 best practice. Remember: Always focus on quality hires even when you need quantity.

Want to know why keeping employees is so critical? Find out here:  Contact Center Success Means Having Happy Contact Center Employees 


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