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The Hidden Partner of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Posted by Jerry Wass on Oct 04, 2018

The Hidden Partner of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

A successful content marketing strategy, has a hidden partner. Can you guess what it is? Let me give you a hint. What do you do when you have a problem shipping something? Or when you need to update your credit card information? You pick up your phone, right? At the end of the line is an agent at a contact center. Contact centers and content marketing are surprisingly but inextricably linked. Their connection is vital for developing successful content, leads, sales and customer relationships. 


Content creation has had a growing importance in the realm of marketing and developing inbound leads. Customer expectations have been changing, and more people want to be able to find the answers they are looking for online. Research even shows that 72% of customers now prefer using a company’s website to find answers when looking into different products and services. Companies that provide this content, see an increase in happy customers, customer loyalty and a reduced number of complaints. 

However, since it began, content marketing has been changing. The growth of inbound marketing techniques has flooded the internet with content, making it harder for customers to find what they are looking for, and harder for companies to stand out amongst competitors. For this reason it is important to be more selective in the content that is being created, and this is where the link between contact centers and content marketing comes into play.

Having a contact center, with agents on the front line, speaking directly to agents, you can ensure that your content will always be relevant to your specific audience. Contact centers can use the data they collect to provide recommendations to marketers and copywriters on what they should be writing about. As the needs of customers change, and the questions they ask change, the new information collected from the contact center can help update the content to keep it as relevant to the customer base. 

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In a very symbiotic relationship, call centers also benefit from content marketing. While call centers are following up on leads gained from content marketing, they also use insight and data collected from it during their calls. Agents are presented with information on the caller, their preferences and interests as the call is going on. This assists agents in knowing how to best position their calls to have a more successful, personal, and fluid conversation with each individual customer. 

Even very successful companies are using this method of collecting data from content marketing and funneling it into calls. HubSpot, which is a company that is based on selling the idea of content marketing, still uses a contact center. Although they likely wouldn’t admit it, it has contributed to a huge part of it’s success as a company, and still does. 


A successful sale is only possible when a customer has had a good experience throughout the whole process - from the content that pulls them to the site, to the website, to the experience they have when they speak to an agent at the contact center. 

From content creation to the contact center, neither could truly be successful without the other, in order to provide the seamless customer service experience that customers now both expect and demand. 

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